Exceptional Resolve

Name:  Exceptional Resolve
Class:  Light Hugger Heavy Cargo
Transponder ID:  Unknown
Dock of Origin:  Unknown
Year of Service:  Unknown  (Pre-Virus, Late Imperial)

Physical Info:
Length:  2750 meters
Cargo Capability:  6 cargo rails, each 2km long
Cargo Container Options:   200m x 50m, 100m x 50m, 50m x 50m  (all heights are 25m)
Total Cargo Volume:  15,000,000 cubic meters
Power:   32 Thaalenberg Generators
Engines:  4 Class VI Reaction Mass Engines
Solar Sail:  Class 12
Jump:  Skip Drive (Experimental, not approves for organic life)

Crew: 1 AI – Turing Class – License #: ZXD897987AASDD893342-001
Passenger Capacity:  32 Native

Hangers:  2 hangers, rated for Corvette Class Frigates






Exceptional Resolve

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